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B.Sc. (Bachelor in Science)

As it is a very basic course but it is very essential for the students for increasing the analytic, innovative, creative, collaborative, thinking in terms of EQ and IQ which justified by these courses. It also gives the precious contribution to individual as well as to their society and country by making them more grounded in the competitive world. 

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B.A. (Bachelor in Art)

Humanities is considered as evergreen opportunities to its high utility and huge demand in job markets. It provides various discipline for both carrier as well as job markets. It enhances the potential skills of students to define the different aspects of the society, culture and research oriented mind sets. The teaching of arts started form standard 11th. To get admission in a good college has to secure good marks in various subject and after B.A. there are various opportunities with specialization in different fields. 

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B.Com. (Bachelor in Commerce)

Commerce is one of the best courses you can opt for career. Commerce gives a wider scope as compared to arts & science. Commerce seems to be covering every aspects of our lives now. Because commerce is not just a stream. It’s a spectrum of opportunities. It opens doors that lead to professional courses. The diversity that commerce streams offers is one of the main factor that attracts most of the students. It sets a new direction for students to lead their life in the best possible way, to take the next step in business.

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