Personality Development Programme (Jagriti)

Jagriti : Students Awareness Programme

The aim of Jagriti program is to make the student, the learner, aware of himself/herself about his/her goals of life, his/her strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges (SWOC), to plan how to maximize the strengths, to overcome the weaknesses, to avail himself/herself of the opportunities and finally, to convert the challenges into opportunities and achievements.

Thus PIC has formulated the following aims and objectives of Jagriti—

  • To make the student aware of the meaning of his/her own life.
  • To do the SWOC analysis by each and every student himself/herself.
  • To make the student prepare a strategy by himself/herself to transform the challenges into achievements.
  • To identify the weaknesses like: fear, hesitation, lack of confidence, ignorance of aims and the process of self-development and of the society.
  • To improve his/her self-image, to make him/her aware of his/her inherent capacities and to develop confidence that he/she can do.
  • To train the students by conducting special training programmes along with regular academic activities but the training programmes themselves must be student-centric, activity-based, interactive, participative, evaluative, analytical and creative.

The practice includes:

A three–day Personality Development residential camp, a highly enjoyable activity, is held in the college campus. Each and every student who seeks admission to PIC, for the first time, has to attend this camp and reside here for 3 days and 2 nights before joining the regular classes of the course. In this camp the trainers introduce many learning concepts to the students regarding the aim of life itself, and then the aim of learning too.

This orientation training is arranged in a group of 30- 35 girls and boys. The training is full of activities, open discussions, analyzing the aims and outcomes of the activity by the participants themselves. Discussions are held with the help of videos, films, games and sports, yoga, aerobics, self written self directed skits, dances, singing etc.

Classroom Practices:

The teachers create an environment of fearlessness, encourage the students to ask questions, appreciate participation, arrange group discussions, quizzes, invite individual and group presentations by the students, ask the students for a brief address to the class and then give small awards for the activities. This extended behavior of the teachers melts the students to learn and to live lively. In addition to this one or two days is/are scheduled as Students Presentation Day when teacher does not teach but the students give presentations on the white board or with PPTs every month.

Aazadi Play:

PIC’s all new admitted students participate in Aazadi play, a world record regarding number of the cast in a drama, staged every year. A cast of 600 to 800 stages this drama, which is based on the Indian freedom struggle from the year 1857 to 1947, written by Dr. Raghava Prakash, the Director of the college. The rehearsals are conducted for approx 12-13 days along with the regular classes, without any loss of studies, and the drama is presented on the famous stage of Jaipur, Ravindra Manch.

It opens up every student, boosts his/her confidence, and ignites a feeling of a freedom-fighter for his/her own life. After acting in this drama, every student becomes more knowledgeable regarding Indian freedom struggle, more responsible, more co-operative and more confident about future achievements in his/her life. He/she becomes more academic, and beyond all these, he/she develops a faith and possibility of participating in sublime events in life.

Wider participation in cultural events:

Various Clubs frequently arrange extra-curricular activities. Greater participation of the students is observed in annual cultural activities— Rasrang, and very frequent participation is recorded in inter-college, inter-university, state and national level competitions of games, sports, cultural activities, scouting, NSS and NCC activities.

These events provide ample opportunities to the most of the students to express their emotions and creativity. The activities are common everywhere but the maximum participation of the students is PIC’s special feature.

Research drive:

The unique feature of the college is research which involves maximum undergraduate and postgraduate students in small research projects that make them aware of social realities and develop their research attitude.