Besides good marks proper set of skills and exposure are also required to succeed in the future. Clubs of PIC offer important life skills that a learner can use for the rest of his/her life.

Objectives of Clubs in PIC –

Build respect and motivate team work.

Construct – self-confidence & leadership.

Relieve stress and provides excellent grooming

Develop real world skills.

Develop time management skills.

Hold back from risky behaviours.

Improves communication skills & networking.

Finally, enhances creativity.

PIC has following Clubs: 

Name of clubs


Ocean-The depth of creativity

Art, Craft and Painting

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Photography and movie

The Tycoons-Think outside the box

Business and Management

Clean Bold

Games and Sports

Quest- Moving forward….


Rangarang Club

Drama and Music

Toastmasters Club

Creativity in writing and spoken English


Science and Research