Affectional Relationship


  • With the fact that we are all emotionally underdeveloped in our families, schools, colleges, and in our society as a whole, the development of our emotions is essential which has been badly neglected in the past, and more or less throughout the world. The yearly feedback-cum-planning meetings of the teachers and workshops have constructed this perception and it has been decided to touch the emotional part of every learner, with a balancing mode. Consequently, sharing of personal problems increased among the teachers, as it happens in a family also; co-operative activities emerged and affectionate behavior of the teachers was evolved even in their teaching practices.
  • PIC has taken initiation in this field of Effective Domain, though a long and complicated path is lying before everyone here, but it is evident that PIC is creating better learners, better teachers and better students in the college with better emotional development.
  • Emotional bonding among teachers and with the management also is evolving, like in a family.
  • To make the student prepare a strategy by himself/herself to transform the challenges into achievements.
  • To identify the weaknesses like: fear, hesitation, lack of confidence, ignorance of aims and the process of self-development and of the society.
  • To improve his/her self-image, to make him/her aware of his/her inherent capacities and to develop confidence that he/she can do.
  • To train the students by conducting special training programmes along with regular academic activities but the training programmes themselves must be student-centric, activity-based, interactive, participative, evaluative, analytical and creative.