Self directed Learning

  • The teachers create an environment of fearlessness, encourage the students to ask questions, appreciate participation, arrange group discussions, quizzes, invite individual and group presentations by the students, ask the students for a brief address to the class and also give small awards for some activities. This extended behavior of the teacher melts the students to learn and to live lively. In addition to this one or two days is/are scheduled as Students Presentation Day when teacher does not teach but the students give presentations on the white board or with PPTs every month.
  • The founders of PIC have gone through a rich experience of school teachers training in Govt. sector with the conclusion that— the transmission of knowledge and skills happen only when a learner is positive in his learning and pro-active with his creativity. This experience is transformed into an educational pedagogy in PIC. It has led us to start attitudinal training for both the teachers and the students for effective transaction of knowledge or skills. This sort of orientation has been immensely fruitful before any training of knowledge and skills.