College has a Counselling and Career Guidance and Placement Unit which takes care of all important issues related to counselling. From the very first visit to the campus during admission time proper counselling is provided by our experts to the parents and students. This counselling is very helpful in selection of proper subjects which later helps them in their careers. 

During the session too students faces many types of problems which are taken care by this Cell. For an exhaustive education of a student all sorts of academic counselling is a constant feature of this college. Counselling is provided collectively in the class and individually outside the class too. Personal counselling is also necessary which is given by the Mentor (Parent Teacher) of the college in a group or individually. Some complicated problems are dealt by the management of the college. Career counselling is a regular feature of The Competitor Cell. Students get guidance frequently for competition exams. As now a days Psycho-social problems are increasing so some senior and experienced teachers take responsibility to counsel or they contact the parents of the students and advise them accordingly.