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Governance, Leadership & Management

Vidhya Vihar Society, the managing society, was born to establish an institute of higher education which can deliver value oriented and career shaping quality education to create a society-serving-personality. The leadership of PIC is effective being in a facilitator role.

Reinforcing the culture of excellence

The management takes its responsibility that each member of the faculty and each student is exposed to higher and higher targets.

  • In the whole process leadership is decentralized widely and cemented thickly by maximum positive participation.
  • PIC’s strategy is to set small targets and achieve them, and so on, thus creating a culture of excellence regularly.
  • Organizational process of PIC has generated an atmosphere of self planning, executing and evaluating process with honesty, transparency, creativity and enthusiasm.

Groomed leadership at various levels

  • We believe that leadership is groomed by giving freedom, responsibility and positive reinforcement.
  • We have a process to formulate plans and strategies from bottom to top, participatively.
  • Here, in the formulation of the plans, the seed of leadership germinates naturally somewhere in the teacher, and in the student himself/herself.
  • The regular feedback system, reformation of the plans; and the time-table generate ingenuity, innovativeness and Self-Directed Training process genrated an environment of participative development.
  • Self motivated teachers give freedom to their students also, to make classes interactive. Welcoming and encouraging questions generate discussions, appreciate oral and written answers, students dive for presentations in the classes.
  • We have scheduled two days for Students’ Presentations every month by PPTs, Posters, Notes, Flow Charts, briefly and orally, before the class.
  • This whole process is to groom the leadership in the teachers and in the students both. We have awarded about 480 various prizes and certificates for the students’ participation in 2015-16 and 582 in 2016-17.
  • It is all done to enhance their inner strength and to develop confidence to do something different and being a pioneer in life.
  • In the whole process our teachers themselves learn to lead and teach the students how to lead themselves.

Culture of Participative Management

For promoting the culture of participative management there is regular orientation of the faculties and students regarding the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the college which should be coherent also with the objectives of their life.

This is done directly or indirectly by following methods:

  • Regular evaluation system, our regular feedback-cum-planning-cum-training-cum-executing meetings/ workshops of the faculty.
  • The management promotes a culture of participatory working, based on facts, and not on orthodox beliefs. It promotes unbiased analysis, seriousness, commitment and zeal to execute. Need not to be defensive but be pro-active.
  • By analyzing the academicaffairs of the college with contemporary events in the world, nation and state.
  • Aiming at creating a scientific environment.
  • An atmosphere of creativity and innovations is created, freedom of thought and expression is given and thinking out of box is appreciated.

Industry Interaction

Our priority is to ensure that practice meets theory across all functional areas. Students have many opportunities for engagement with industry leaders throughout the year. We invite the industry people in the beginning of each session, fix the targets in the minds of the students, prepare them according to the industry requirement, arrange visits to the industry, deput them to some industries also, thus enhance industry-interaction up to a quality level.

S. No. Topics Year Invite / Organizer
1. Personality Development Camp 2014-15 Personality Development Dept.
(Parishkar College)
2. Time Management 2014-15 Mr. Ashish Parnami
Grace Training Academy
3. Self Motivation 2015-16 Dr. C.N Mathur
(HOD, Dept. of Psychology, UOR)
4. Career Awareness Program 2015-16 Mr. P.D. Agarwal, Director, ICMA
Jaipur Chapter