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IT Infrastructure


Stand alone facility

Every system is kept in stand-alone environment with backup, following a setup of client-server architecture.

LAN facility

Established LAN network over the campus with links, through Dlink 24 port Level 1 network un-managable switches.

Wi-Fi facility

The college has an open Wi-Fi network used by a hotspot network in the campus with login facility to every user.

College MIS

Student Registration

PIC is enrolling and keeping all information related to the students in the local database, located centrally in PIC’s computer lab. If any authorized user requires students list and some reports, he/she can easily access that.

Online Attendance

PIC takes attendance of the students in two different ways- firstly, PIC has a class-wise attendance machine on first floor for the students of B.A. and B.Com. Secondly, lecturer-wise attendance is also taken manually.

SMS to Parents

It helps to message parents of the absentee students. The faculty takes class, he/she uploads the attendance and messages are delivered to inform their parents about their ward’s attendance status.


This solution supports to retrieve various kinds of reports; class wise, section wise, absentee wise. An SMS is delivered as per need.

Student Portal


  • PIC has developed a student portal for providing various kinds of information to all its important stakeholders like: Student, Parent, Teacher.
  • Students can access the following
    • Notes
    • PPT
    • Worksheet
    • Assignments
    • Attendance report
    • Online learning materials
    • OMR, Mid Term and Pre-University exam result
    • Can view News and Event
    • Online fee payment
    • Register their grievance

Parent can access the following

  • Student attendance
  • Student performance
  • Can submit their valuable suggestions
  • Can make complaint (if any)
  • Can check fee status and deposit online


  • Teacher can access the following
    • Can upload Notes, PPTs and worksheets
    • Can publish news and events
    • Can upload student’s marks of various exams
    • Can follow up students for any information
    • Can provide various online e-learning resources to students
    • Can make complaint (if any)

Online Examination Portal


  • This portal increas the analyzing ability of students.
  • Numbers of exams are conducted online using this portal in college campus.
  • Teacher send objective type questions daily on students mobile subjects related to degree and the Competitions.
  • Students solve these questions and submit to the portal then immediately their results are declared.