Subsidiary Relationship

Subsidiary Innovations

Book Reading Skill Development

  • The crux of the analysis of the poor state of higher education at present is that it is not student-centric. Student-centric pedagogy can be rooted only when the student is capable of self study. On the contrary, reading habits and comprehension power of the students are very poor in Rajasthan. So PIC arranges workshops for the teachers on comprehension every year to enable them in identifying the key and technical words in a sentence, to comprehend the meaning of a sentence in a paragraph and thus to analyze the whole topic.

  • After all we need strong communication power for any educational enhancement.
  • This comprehension exercise generates deeper insights in the teachers, and then with the efforts of the teachers in the students also It has changed the perception of the teachers and students deeply regarding language and the book itself. Now, almost all the students of PIC purchase the books, read them regularly and enrich their comprehension competence.
  • After all we need strong communication power for any educational enhancement.

Worksheets in Teaching & Learning

  • Worksheet method is a vital part of PIC’s sedagogy. A our faculties have observed that the least achievement is possible through lecture system, although maximum efforts are put in by the faculties.
  • Hence, worksheet method aims at making teaching-learning process simplest, interesting, interactive, and inclusive of all the students and learning points.
  • B.Com. faculty of PCGE introduced this method in the practice for the first time in 2014-15 and produced tremendous results in University Exams. In 2015-16 it was adopted in PIC
  • Reinforced by this experiment, PIC has adopted an innovative method of teaching-learning through worksheets in all the streams to increase comprehension capability, reinforce concepts, enhance communications, organize materials, monitor student’s behaviour and share information with substitutes.
  • It is being executed with proper strategy, in well planned way, in all the courses with more details. For this the faculties are trained in several workshops based on worksheets with a participation of the experiences of the faculty, during the vacation time, and such sharing is continued during the whole sessions.
  • Worksheets in PIC has become an effectual tool in ongoing efforts encouraging all the students to engage their brains, first at home and then during classroom activities, solving complexities as far as possible by the students themselves as far as possible.
  • After a good exercise of teacher made worksheets, students themselves start preparing worksheets along with a struggle with the text of the books.

‘Aazadi’ -An Exclusive Play by All the Students

  • Presentation of ‘Aazadi’ play every year by newly admitted students with a cast of around 600 to 800 and thus making a world record of the maximum participation. This play not only gives them a live experience of freedom struggle of India during the period from 1857 to 1947 but also develops confidence, co-ordinatation, speech competance and togetherness.
  • After performing this Aazadi play almost every student is transformed in to a more liberated person. They discover a new passion for struggle in their lives

Breakthrough Performance in Smart Classrooms

Use of IT at large:

PIC is eager to use maximum information technology in teaching, learning and back office activities to function effectivety. So this college has developed IT facilities for students, teachers and back office employees. Some important areas of IT use in PIC are:

Use of PPTs

  • PIC management emphasizes faculty members to use IT enabled teaching aids and motivate them to deliver lecture with the help of Power Point Presentation (PPTs).
  • PPTs in lecture helps teachers to save their time, effort to draw some complicated figures or diagrams on the boards and teachers can explain more in less time. It also displays it attractively and with more accuracy. So, we maintain a Centralized Server in our computer lab which is networked with every classroom computer and IT pheripherals.

Software Development

  • This is the process which never ends, because when we develop or outsource any software we consider its requirement up to that day only, but as time passes we need to upgrade our system according to new requirements.
  • To avoid the problem of data redundency, college has introduced automated admission procedure and fee management system. We enrol and keep all the information of our students in our local database, located centrally in our computer lab, which is networked with concerned people. Required information is provided to the user when needed by providing secured access to it.
  • In addition to this, we also maintain online attendance for the professional courses- BBA and BCA. In this we submit the attendance online and accordingly, messages are forwarded to their parents regarding any update.

Summer Classes

To provide a continuous preparation for various competitive exams summer classes are arranged for the students e.g. ICS, RAS, PSI, SSC, IBPS, Police, LDC, Acctt., Patwar, CAT, CA, CS (Foundation), etc.
These are additional classes during the summer vacation besides the regular classes held in each session from July to November.
Hobby classes for music, dance and sports are also arranged in summer vacations.


Collaboration with eminent institutions

  • PIC collaborates with institutions like Parwatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science, Goa; Alankar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur.
  • This has been done to share the learning with various educational institutions and corporates.
  • PIC believes in making more collaborations and enhancement of existing collaborations with the growing institutions to share the learnings with each other for the purpose exploring academic landscape.

Small Research Practices

  • We provide small research practices to our students to inculcate the research attitude not only in them but also the teachers.
  • PIC engages undergraduate students in research activities.
  • These all proved to be a great learning for the teachers and students that research attitude and research practices, irrespective of the level, are the key to develop the human mind at the higher education, and that should be at the graduation level even.
  • In addition to university syllabus through these research practices at graduation level, students venture into unfamiliar areas of education in the context of problems in the society and afterwards express their fruitful opinions to provide an initiation to fix these problems.
  • This triggers the creativity and analytical power of the students.

Special coaching to players and athletes

  • PIC arranges coaches for Boxing, Cycling, Judo, Table-Tennis, Kabaddi, chess, Hockey, atheletics etc. regularly for four to five months every year, as per requirements by the sports authorities.
  • Consequently, PIC students secured Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in various international, national, and inter-college tournaments.

This coaching has been in addition to the regular teaching of the subject, Physical Education.


PIC constitutes clubs for various activities. The students conduct the activities of the clubs under the guidance of the teacher– conveners of the clubs.

The students learn confidence building by activities, leadership, initiation, participation, co-operation, expression, management and develop various life skills.

Constitution of various clubs creates a rich atmosphere for comprehensive personality development of the students.

We have following Clubs:

Name of clubs Activities
Ocean-The depth of creativity Art,Craft and Painting
Click to clip Photography and movie
The Tycoons-Think outside the box Business and Management
Clean Bold Games and Sports
Quest- Moving forward…. Literary
Rangarang Club Drama and Music
Toastmasters Club Creativity in writing and spoken English
Innovation Science and Research