Parishkar International College perceives that the quality of higher education necessitates adequate facilities for teaching and learning. So, it was taken into consideration that a special airy building should be constructed with all the latest world class facilities, soothing and giving pleasure to the students and the teachers. The facilities have been added up as per the requirements of the students, teachers, non-teaching staff and the administration.

  • Classrooms
  • Swachha Campus
  • Boys & Girls hostels
  • Buses
  • Water system
  • Electricity system
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Student Portal
  • Online Examination Portal
  • E-Library
  • Labs
    • Chemistry Lab
    • Physics Lab
    • Zoology Lab
    • Botany Lab
    • Geography Lab
    • Computer Lab

Class Rooms

  • Every classroom is equipped with LCD projector, projection screen, computer connected with FTP.
  • Large enough, spacious, well illuminated and comfortable.
  • Movable chairs, white board, notice board, lecture stand, podium, duct etc.
  • Roller blinds, CCTV camera and proper cleanliness.

Electricity System

  • As per the requirement, an electricity generator is set up of 62 KVA which provides uninterrupted power supply.
  • College has centralized UPS setup as the power backup for computers in labs and office.
  • We are expanding the panels to generate more electricity as per our full requirement.


  • Student can access e-library facility in a separate block of library as well as in computer lab.
  • In this student can access online e-resources like e-books, articles, journals, magazines and many more other things through N-List membership which help for developing students thinking process in various dimensions?
  • Students can also search out the answers for their worksheets given by teachers in class room using this facility.
  • Students can browse the various websites to get the knowledge academically as well as in other area.
  • No membership fee is charged for the college students to avail this facility.


Though the hostels are not directly owned by the college management, but over all controlling & functioning is executed under the guidance of the college management. These hostels for boys and girls are run by the private vendors.


The transportation facilities are provided by the college to the students so that they can easily and timely come to the college to attend the regular classes.

LAN facility

Established LAN network over the campus with links, through D-Link 24 port Level 1 network un-manageable switches.

Wi-Fi facility

The college has an open Wi-Fi network used by a hotspot network in the campus with login facility to every user.


Botany labs

  • Botany deals with the course content of plant sciences and the utility of plants in relation to mankind. Botany is significant to acquire a gist of the fundamentals of science in itself to fully appreciate how botanical knowledge is useful in several areas of human life.
  • Botany labs are well equipped, contains following instruments like: Dissecting Microscope, Compound, Microscope, various Specimen, Permanent Slides for identification, Glass wares like Beakers, Conical flasks, Petridis, Watch glass, Slides, Cover slip, Glass rod, Staining bottles, Test Tubes and Plastic wares like Wash bottles, Droppers etc. Botany lab also contains with staining reagents for dissecting materials also.
  • College has also facilitated the botany students with botanical garden to encourage research on varieties of plants, Gannon’s respirometer, Monometer, Arc Auxanometer, Photometer.

Chemistry Labs

  • Chemistry labs have been settled with a set of the equipment’s, apparatuses and facilities significant for the encouragement of a better research environment in the college.
  • These are designed as modern laboratories , equipped with all kinds of available facilities like: normal and distilled water available as the main solvent, Bunsen Burners with LPG Gas, 150 essential chemicals, equipment’s of aluminum, plastic and glassware, test tubes, Boiling tubes, funnels, test tube stand, Burette, Burette stands, pipettes, Reagent bottles, Conical flasks, Volumetric flask etc.
  • All are of international standards.

Physics Lab

  • The College have well equipped modern laboratories for the department of Physics.
  • These labs are equipped with all kinds of basic and advance instruments useful for the students. There are all kinds of tools available for fundamental knowledge of physics like: Ammeters, Voltmeters, wires etc. There are various essential instruments for a researcher in the lab like Young’s Modulus of Elasticity which is comprised of Screw gazes, Laclansche cells, Carey Foster’s Bridges, Polarimeters, Maximum Power transfers etc.

Zoology Lab

Zoology laboratories are well equipped with the following set of instruments like: Dissecting Microscope, Compound Microscope, various Specimen, Permanent identifying Slides, Wax trays, Enamel trays, Haemometer, Haemo cytometer, forceps, needle, Glass wares like: beakers, Conical flasks, Petridish, Watch glass, Slides, Cover slip, Glass rod, Staining bottles, Test tubes, and Plastic wares like: Wash bottles, Droppers Chemicals like: Ethanol, Borax Carmine, Auto Carmine, Hemato Xylene, Eosin, DPX, Tollen Reagent, Gantian Reagent, Benedict Reagent, Gram’s Iodine, Ninhydrine, Scodan Dye, Haemato Xylene, Fehling Solution, Millions Reagent, Mercuric Sulphate, Sodium Nitrate etc. and dissecting material and permanent preparation materials are provided by the college.

Geography Lab

The Department of Geography for its postgraduate course has been engaged on a wide range of research topics. The college has set up a state-of-the-art laboratory for its ambitious aspirants. Geography is a discipline concerned with environment and natural flora and fauna connected with the physical and natural structure. It is important to understand the fundamentals of geography to appreciate the origin of the universe as well as its significance in itself. Geography deals with the course content of climate, environment and the utility of geography in relation to the living beings.

The department of geography is equipped with a wide range of instruments like: 3-D Maps, Atlas, charts, modlus, metric chain, metaled wire taps, arrows of chain, plumbob, trough compass, ranging rod, prismatic compass, spirit level, tripod stand, plain table, frock with plumbob, alidade, thumb pins, Indian pattern clinometer, Abney level, Dumpy level, Staff, Theodolite, Stereoscope, Computer, Globe, Max & min thermometer, Dry & wet bulb thermometer, Anaroide barometer, Solar system, Fesses of moon, Rain gage, Wing Vane, Toposheets, World, Asia, India and Rajasthan Political & Physical Wall maps, models V-shape valley, U-shape valley, Gorge, Fault, Delta and Charts to enhance the analytical skills in the students regarding research.

Computer labs

The college has set up a computer lab with a leading-edge technology. It has the capacity of 70 computers based on the latest configuration and networked with a centralized Server to provide FTP and Internet facility. Overall we are having a setup of 150 computers including labs, classrooms and back office support services. The institution has made available the facility to maintain online UPS-03 nos. 05-06 KV each to manage electricity failure.

The computer laboratory is having Internet connection of 10 Mbps Internet connection on Fiber optic under NMEICT (NMEICT is a landmark initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development) and 2 Mbps leased line connection of Tata Teleservices Limited and also secured through UTM (Cyberoam) to provide access to faculty as well as students in Lab. Also having Wi-Fi facility to almost area in campus.

Computer is a technical discipline having significance in all walks of life as a subject, as well as utility to mankind. Every lecture room is equipped with personal computer with over headed LCD projector connected with centralized FTP Server and having Internet facility.