Cultural Activities

Freshers’ Party- The Genesis

Newly inducted undergraduate and postgraduate students participate in Genesis Fresher’s Party. An effort is made every year that maximum students participate in the activities of their own choice. As a result most of the students become free, bold, creative and participative in forthcoming two/three years.

Teachers’ day

The Teacher’s day is celebrated by honouring all the teachers by the students. Teachers perform dances, dandiya, drama, songs and other activities before all the students of the college to motivate them, to come out of their boxes and to be demonstrative. A group dance performance of almost all the teachers and a ramp show is presented by the teachers to provide exposure to every teacher and every student. Teachers became a role icon for students after these presentations. The next day teachers are greeted with more cheers, with more closeness, with more regards, and with more bonding. It has been a splendid experience of PIC that depicts a sublime effect on all, including the guests from the university and other colleges. They are overwhelmed by this activity and by the perception behind this presentation.

Rasrang: Annual Cultural Fest

It is an annual cultural festival of various activities. PIC makes determined efforts to invite maximum participation of the students in various activities. Besides, the activities are managed by the students themselves with the teachers’ guidance.

All sorts of cultural activities like: Dance, Drama, Debate, Elocution, Fancy dress, Ramp Show, Songs, Instrumental Music, Poem, Story, Essay Writing, Mehndi, Rangoli, Painting & sports competitions are held every year. Not only enthusiastic but a crazy and fanatic atmosphere is seen during these days.

 Annual Function-Strength and Talent shown in various areas during the year

This is a usual function celebrated in colleges, but in PIC, it is a movement of reinforcement of the enthusiasm which has prevailed during the whole academic year. The magnitude of the participation can be judged by the fact that certificates and prizes are awarded to the maximum of the students every year.

Farewell: A voyage for new horizons of career

In PIC Fairwell programme is a collective celebration of joys and tears— joy for their new future and tears for their parting. The senior students are given farewell by singing farewell songs, whole college standing and pouring the feeling of togetherness with holding each other’s hands. This emotional Fairwell is the outcome of two to three years, the students and teachers live in the college premises, share the wisdom and feelings together and the bonding of these years of Parishkar Parivar.