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Our Methodologies

  • Teaching-Learning process is the dynamic and creative soul of PIC’s academic incarnation. It serves as a backbone for the development of PIC, which helps the teachers and the students both to stand on their own, to move further, without the risk of trembling due to weak foundation.
  • PIC has constructed its own rationale that a strong student centric teaching-learning processis the only key process by which excellent academic records in the university exams, the capacity buildingfor good jobs and vibrant personality for strong entrepreneurship in life, can be achieved.
  • PIC has come forth, breaking the old traditional teacher-centered teaching method,which gives a monotonic atmosphere in the class and generates less learning.
  • The college offers a proper blend of academic and co-curricular activities.
  • It provides an environment to encourage students’ personal involvement, intrinsic motivation, personal commitment, confidence, enhances abilities to succeed, a perception of control over learning.
  • The learning activities and assessment tasks are aligned with the learning outcomes that are mentioned in the course.
  • Active engagement & social interaction are the roles in the student’s own construction of knowledge.
  • In classroom, the learning process starts with, what a student already knows, that largely determines what newinformation he/she attends to, how he/she organizes and represents new information and how he/she filters new experiences and even what he/she determines to be relevant and important.
  • The ability to reflect and regulate one’s thoughts and behavioris an essential aspect of our learning process.
  • For slow as well as needy fast learners, supplementary instruction, remedial teaching, Round Table Guidance (Guidance given by the teachers adjoining the faculty room sitting in the chairs around some round tables in the reception area) or in-class itself through ability developing activities, are provided.
  • An innovative teaching process specially with the keywords, key concepts, comprehension activities, worksheets, online learning process, vigorous evaluation system enhancing further learning and value based graduate attributes are essential parts of PIC’s teaching process.