Teaching Learning Process

Student-Centered Teaching-Learning Process

  • In Indian education scenario, especially in Rajasthan, a genuine student-centric approach is still an innovation. In ICS, RAS and other important services, interview is essential where analytical mind of the candidate is tested. To groom an analytical mind, student-centric approach is not only desirable but inevitable.
  • We have to make the student himself/herself conscious for becoming a leader of his/her own learning.
  • Though it has been a difficult effort to change the teacher-centered or text-book-centered approach into a student-centered approach, PIC has aimed at adopting this method.
  • PIC teachers are making the students pro-active in their whole approach and behaviour, by attempting ‘worksheets’ well before discussing the topic of the syllabus.
  • Appreciating them while asking and answering questions, developing book reading skills by key words, and comprehension activities, encouraging individual and group presentations, attracting them to do some research work beyond the syllabus; and inviting them to participate in drama, dance, games-sports and other extra-curricular activities; and thus transforming them into a thinking and articulating person.
  • This has been a great struggle with the boys and girls of very remote villages and specially with the students from tribal belts of Rajasthan but it has been the most required and effective innovation in this college, and also the most fertile area for learning for faculty and management both.