Vision & Mission


To nurture the talent and to transform the society, globally.


To create a community of lifelong learners and reformers through comprehensive teaching, research and social service with a humanistic, scientific and innovative temper, to empower the needy world.


  • To provide value based quality education, with affordability.
  • To prepare students academically as well as professionally sound and train them for all sorts of exams and the exam of life itself.
  • To develop managerial competence in the students by inculcating specialised vision, knowledge and skills in their behaviour and by exploring their creative strength and leadership qualities.
  • To sensitise the students to face the challenges of the society with optimistic attitude and positive energy.
  • To evolve the functioning of the college as an innovative method of community service.
  • To empower the teachers to perform as world class educators, researchers and community servers by clinical, theoretical, empirical and experimental endeavour.
  • To enrich the students in comprehension and expression, interaction and analysis, collaboration and extention, research and innovations.
  • To promote academic freedom, diversity, equality, harmony and justice in the teachers and the students.
  • To create a learning culture of free thinking with independent as well as participatory interventions along with co-operative and co-appreciative manner aimed at inclusive and enhancing targets.