Director’s Message

Dr. Savita Paiwal

The prime aim of education in Parishkar International College (PIC) is to assess, harness and enhance the creativity of the students. The College provides an environment where each student is encouraged to unleash his potential. The focus of all endeavours is on enhancing intellectual growth of the students by directly involving them in the teaching learning process. Numerous opportunities are provided to students for developing analytical thinking, creativity and interpersonal skills which are necessary for becoming a socially responsible person. Regular club activities and events organized by the college provide the necessary inputs for overall grooming and confidence building of the students. PIC believes in doing innovations in education. The College provides holistic education comprising of knowledge, skill and ethics. Teaching takes place through audio-visual aids keeping in mind student-centred learning. Developing sensitivity with social, academic, cultural and intellectual awareness, we make our students proactive citizens so that they can contribute to economy by becoming effective work-force components.The uniqueness of teaching methodology of the college is that students are prepared not only for acquiring academic degrees, but they are also made ready for facing competition exams like: IAS, RAS, SSC, IBPS, NDA etc. Knowledge of necessary subjects like. Reasoning, Mathematics, General studies, spoken English, History, Geography, Political Science and management is provided regularly two hours daily in additional classes. Students are involved in theatrical, musical and practical sessions for academic as well as experiential learning.

Entering into college is an important juncture in his/her life. This is a time to explore him/her and develop his/her full potential. This is the time to evolve his/her analytical skills and enhance his/her divergent capabilities. Students should master some skills and put in consistent efforts for their improvement on daily basis. Dream big and work hard to chase their dreams. So, students can refresh their love for knowledge and begin this wonderful journey of higher education.