The college IQAC is the main supreme functioning body of the college to take care of teaching learning process. Many of the IQAC members (The Patron, The Director, The Principal, Vice-Principals, HODs and Coordinators of various activities and Senior Teachers) are the planners, executors and evaluators of the teaching-learning process programme in the College, so IQAC gets regular feedback of the programme and takes formal or informal decisions frequently to improve it. The active vigilant functioning nature of IQAC contributes to the teaching-learning process very closely, regularly and effectively.

This cell ensures the quality of the enrichment programmes by-

  • Taking a feedback from the faculty and the students regularly.
  • Conducting regular exams timely which include OMR Tests, Term Tests, and the Pre-University Exams.
  • It reviews, re-plans and transacts the curricular accordingly and qualitatively.