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Why Only Parishkar ?

  • Parishkar International College (PIC) is established to respond to the problems of students who come out with great success from English Medium Schools but are generally neglected & unreciprocated in Hindi medium colleges.
  • Every language has its own psycho-software. If disturbed by any other language, it creates serious problems for a learner and spoils its creative possibilities.
  • Though Parishkar College of Global Excellence has been educating the English medium students in separate batches, and they have touched very good heights of success also, but somewhere we realized that inspite of our efforts, their innovative spirits were jolted due to the non english-medium environment. As a result PIC was established as an english medium college.
  • PIC has created the whole environment of English (spoken as well as written) in the campus making the students comfortable in English and developing their creativity.
  • English provides richness in learning through abundant books, research journals and internet material. PIC entrusts the students in this ocean of knowledge with English language and persuade them to search out the precious stones and pearls.
  • PIC generates speaking & writing atmosphere in English language. Students also take interest and express themselves in class interactions, group discussions, quizzes, class debates, open house discussions, wall magazines writings, poster making, club activities, subject council programmes and many more.
  • Our ultimate objective is to make English so fluent that each student becomes at ease with it and courageous to innovate, create and express with utmost communicative richness.