B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science)


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The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. degree) is an undergraduate  degree offered by  PCGEA approved by UGC. The study duration of a B.Sc. programme is three  years. The Bachelor of Science degree enables a student to evolve  mathematical, analytical, and life problem-solving skills, which helps  to develop scientific aptitude and research oriented minds.

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree is mainly awarded to students in the areas of Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Mathematics and Geography.  In most cases a B.Sc. degree is the first step you need to take before you begin your career in a technical field and scientific research areas

What will I Study

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Teaching Methods: (Pedagogy)

Parishkar College has devised a unique method of teaching-learning in the course of B.Sc. Instead of making students passive listeners by merely giving lectures in the classroom, the teachers of sophistication try to make students continuously active by adopting student-centric teaching method. Different types of activities are conducted to keep the students active in many ways:

  • Finding key words in a sentence.
  • Finding the main idea in a paragraph.
  • Motivating the students to solve objective questions from the lesson by themselves through the study sheet.
  • Getting the concepts of the lesson evaluated.
  • Encouraging students to give presentations in the class.
  • Special emphasis is laid on interactive classes, group discussions, open house discussions, debates and analytical and creative answer writing to develop analytical thinking in the students for Mains examinations and interviews for exams like IAS, RAS.
  • Online classes are additionally being made available to the students so that even if the student is not able to come to college due to corona, other illness or any other personal reason, he can watch the quality lectures prepared by the teachers of sophistication on his Android mobile sitting at home and continue his studies.
  • Checking with Study Sheets, Online Test, Mid-Term Test and Pre-University Examination, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the students, they are removed through the teaching process.
  • Thus we believe that education is effective, creative and fun filled when the processes of teaching, learning and assessment go hand in hand. Hence students are assessed informally every day and tested through OMR test every two weeks.

Where will B.Sc. Take Me

Career Job prospects after B.Sc.

Recently, B.Sc. students recruited by following Companies:

After doing B.Sc., endless possibilities of Jobs career are open in front of the student like:

  • IAS, RAS (Administrative Services)
  • College Lecturer (College Lecturer)
  • School Lecturer (School Lecturer)
  • Teacher Grade-II (Teacher Grade Second)
  • Teacher Grade-III (Teacher Grade Third)
  • Bank PO, Bank Clerk (Bank Services)
  • Indian Railway
  • SSC (Income Tax Inspector, Custom Officer, Revenue Officer, CBI etc.)
  • Food Corporation of India
  • LDC
  • Police Sub-Inspector
  • Army, BSF (Defence Services)

“Through B.Sc. degree program, Parishkar College focuses on providing students with a solid understanding of scientific principles, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology. This foundation can be beneficial in pursuing further studies in science or in a variety of career paths that require a technical background. “

B.Sc. students have not only passed with excellent marks at the academic level but have also been successful in various Competitive Exams.

  • Parishkar College regularly organizes training and placement camps to help present and passed out students also to find suitable jobs in private sector also.
  • Thousands of students of Parishkar College are working on the post of RAS, RPS, RCS Police Sub-Inspector, College Lecturer, School Lecturer, Teacher Second Grade, Teacher Third Grade, Junior Accountant, Patwari, Clerk.
  • Many students of Parishkar College are successfully working in the corporate sector as: Bank PO, Bank Clerk, Executive Office, BPO etc.
  • Parishkar College students have a lot of potential and definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

Here are some potential career paths you can consider:

1. Pursue Higher Education: You can opt to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in your field of interest to gain                  advanced knowledge and become an expert in the subject. This can lead to a career in research or academia.
2. Join Government or Public sector organizations: Many government organizations and public sector companies hire B.Sc. graduates for various roles in research, administration, technical support, and more.
3. Explore opportunities in Private sector: The private sector offers a range of opportunities for B.Sc. graduates in fields such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, IT, consulting, and more.
4. Consider a career in Teaching: If you enjoy teaching and have a passion for sharing knowledge, you can consider a career as a teacher or professor in a school or college.
5. Pursue Entrepreneurship: With the right skills and knowledge, you can also start your own business or startup in a field related to your B.Sc. degree.


Parishkar International College

Under Graduate Courses: Eligibility and Fee 2023-24

      Faculty (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)
Course Name Percentage (%) Total Fee (Without uniform) Scholarship on 12th (%) Games & Sports Board Fee Uniform Charges Total Fee Payment in Instalments With Uniform Ist Inst. at the time of Admission IInd Inst. within 60 days of Admission
    B.Sc Elective Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Geography, Economics,   B.Sc. Part-I (Minimum 48% Marks) 90% and above 45,000 11,250 (25%) 200 3100 37,050 20,250 16,800
80% to Below 90% 45,000 9,000 (20%) 200 3100 39,300 21,300 18,000
70% to Below 80% 45,000 6,750 (15%) 200 3100 41,550 22,550 19,000
60% to Below 70% 45,000 4,500 (10%) 200 3100 43,800 23,600 20,200
Below 60% 45,000 200 3100 48,300 25,300 23000
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